What mm1 is looking for

From students to managing consultants

As a student, you can get a first taste of consultancy work by doing an internship, taking a student job, or following this up by writing your final thesis at the company. Straight after completing your degree studies with excellent results, you can start as a consultant here – you bring the necessary skills and we will support you in your development from the very first day.

We are not just looking for graduates but also new colleagues with years of professional experience. Ideally you would have experience in a renowned technology or innovation-oriented consulting firm, but you can also join mm1 with specialist and management experience in relevant industries. Depending on your specialist background and the experience you bring to the table, you will take on project responsibility quickly and develop our customer relationships. Needless to say, we also provide space for business activities.

Open personalities

Regardless of where you have gained your professional experience, you have a service-oriented ethos and put your clients first. You can integrate quickly into a demanding environment and have a clear, friendly and cooperative style of communication. You enjoy working in a team and finding creative solutions together with your colleagues. You have the skills to solve tasks with the right means and are also able to get to grips with new topic areas quickly. Even though you are extremely confident, you are aware of where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You are able to practice self-reflection and always scrutinize yourself and how your projects are going.

The key characteristics that make our staff stand out are the supportive way they treat each other, the open feedback culture and great enjoyment of their work. In line with this approach, they view working together in mixed teams and the creative processes this results in as an opportunity for even better solutions.

Technical and business expertise

Our company is home to industrial engineers with degrees or doctorates, media managers, business economists, computer scientists, MBAs and a couple of more 'exotic creatures'. The subject basis needed to join mm1 is therefore excellent specialist expertise in at least one technology-related or business field, starting with an excellent university degree.

The main thing our consultants have in common is their equal affinity for both technical and business issues. If you feel at home in both worlds and are truly interested in technology, IT and business economics, we are the right company for you. After all, only if you bring these different worlds together can you gain access to the interdisciplinary issues so typical of our projects. 

We're looking forward to meeting you!