Sustainable Innovation

Increasing innovation by systematically detecting and increasing sustainability potential in the core business and new product development

Strong regulatory incentives, growing consumer demand for "green" products, increased long-term resource scarcity and even corporate responsibility for the coming generations are the driving forces for the issue of sustainability. It influences the design of every company’s core business, e.g. the corporate value-added chain and the product life cycle.

Reduced costs, increased innovative strength, greater success on the market and reduced corporate risks are direct and indirect effects of a consistent focus on sustainability.

mm1 helps you turn sustainability into a factor for increasing your company’s competitive strength and sustainability.

  • We combine long-term connected business know-how and profound sustainability expertise with a systematic and method-based process.
  • We help our customers achieve significant sustainability effects. To that end, we use a pragmatic and systematic advising approach, which we adapt to each of the customer’s individual needs and experiences.
  • For sustainable product and business model innovation, we use proven methods by Threebility. Threebility is a mm1 partner company and was founded by a former mm1 Sustainable Innovation advisor.
  • By using an automated EcoChain solution for life-cycle analyses, we give our customers the ability to evaluate existing value-added chains for optimization potential in a data-driven and automated manner ("activity-based footprinting").

Business sectors related to connected business–such as mobility, communications, the internet of things and financial services–are responsible for shaping the world of tomorrow over the long term and supporting the ideas of the recycling economy. This is precisely where our customers benefit from the mm1 combination of business model innovation and sustainability orientation.

mm1 collaborates with the following partners:

Threebility (mm1 spin-off) develops methods for sustainable product and business model innovation.

Ecochain sells innovative software for optimizing life-cycle analyses.

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News related to the Sustainable Innovation topic

[Game] The Sustainable Business Model Innovation Game

The Sustainable Business Model Innovation Game of our partner Threebility includes dozens of examples of innovative sustainable business models as well as case studies of these applying companies. The game enables our customers to optimize the sustainability potential of new product developments as well as existing business areas in a team.

[Poster] The Sustainable Business Model Canvas

Our partner Threebility's Sustainable Business Model Canvas encourages users to consider all aspects of sustainability in business model innovation, and can be used in combination with the Sustainability Impact Canvas.

[Poster] The Sustainability Impact Canvas

The Sustainability Impact Canvas of our partner Threebility is an ideal companion for the Sustainable Business Model Canvas, as it allows users to identify both the positive and negative influences of their product, thus preparing for a realistic Impact Assessment.