Webinar: „China: the world leader in E-mobility“ at 27.09.2019

In 2018, 18 times more electric vehicles were sold in China than in Germany - and more than in all other countries of the world combined. More than half of the largest electric vehicle manufacturers come from China. In this webinar, Rainer Lindenau will introduce you to first-hand information from Chinese OEMs. The insights are from a delegation trip to China in 2019 led by the Minister of Economics of Baden-Württemberg, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut. Join us on the 27th of September at 2 p.m.

China is not only the largest automobile market in the world, but also by far the largest market for electric mobility. In his webinar, Rainer Lindenau, managing partner of mm1, shows how the combination of long-term ambition and government support has ignited the market for electric mobility in China.

Afterwards, you will use two case studies by BYD and Weltmeister to understand the ambitions and speed with which Chinese companies are driving the electromobility business forward.

Your added value

You will get insider information about the Chinese automotive market - with a focus on electric mobility. We will then show you how the combination of government goals and ambitious car manufacturers can benefit the electromobility business at a breathtaking speed.

Target group

  • Anyone who is interested in the rapid growth of the Chinese economy has
  • New Managing Directors and Experts
  • Managers and experts in the automotive industry
  • Product Manager and Team Leader
  • Chief digital officer


  • China is world market leader and disruptor in electric mobility
  • Strategies and initiatives of the Chinese government to advance the electromobility industry
  • Our trip to China: Case studies of the companies BYD & Weltmeister

About the speaker

Rainer Lindenau is founder and managing partner of mm1, the consulting firm for Connected Business, in Stuttgart.