A New Formula for Interactive TV

mm1 Consulting & Management stellt zur IFA eine Weltneuheit vor: TVEED. TVEED ist ein technisches Verfahren, um das klassische Fernsehen mit der Internetnutzung zu verbinden. Das TV-Signal bleibt dabei unverändert.

A Stuttgart consulting company, mm1 Consulting & Management, presented a world’s first at the IFA: TVEED. The company has developed TVEED, a process and technology that combines regular TV with use of the Internet, creating an interactive TV without having to alter or adjust the TV signals to be transmitted.

TVEED offers interactive TV for all viewers that have access to the Internet. TV and Internet are combined in a respectively enhanced end device. TVEED offers TV viewers the ability to expand their TV offering by program-relative, interactive content, or by additional details such as individual news reports or interim times for races. Even complex games can be integrated via the Internet. Expanded TV ads allow viewers to order the product directly, to book a test drive, or to order more detailed product information, and thus creating additional marketing possibilities for TV stations. TVEED is a lean process and can be used for traditional TVs, cell phones and multimedia computers, regardless of respective Internet access or the manner in which the TV signal gets to the end device.

mm1 believes that all providers in the traditional TV value creation chain are currently challenged to proactively help structure the continuous changes in media consumption. “Companies that are already strategically poised for future developments will have the ability to greatly benefit from technical developments and achieve a significant competitive advantage,” said mm1 Managing Director Volker Scholz. TVEED also provides TV stations with the opportunity to expand their offerings with program-related interactive content. TV stations will be able to link their programming and the advertising spots of their sponsors via the Internet and enhance them with interactive content. The TV station maintains control over the programming it airs as well as the interactive information displayed.

mm1 Consulting & Management has organized a special group of experts that advises clients in the media industry on how to reorganize its Internet and program offering, starting from the analysis of the current media catalog, to the design and development of a prototype and all the way to the market launch and development of a respective organization. Volker Scholz explains that for more than 10 years, mm1 Consulting & Management has been helping companies and public organizations make critical decisions about their future. “Our TVEED concept was designed to link TV and the Internet. We want to bring together the different technical solutions currently on the market without making the existing production methods, transmission methods, or traditional usage obsolete,” he added.