Another Award for TVEED

mm1 Consulting & Management wurde am 20. November auf dem 17. ITVA-Festival in Köln für die Entwicklung „TVEED“ mit dem ITVA-Award Gold Sonderpreis Patent ausgezeichnet.

The “TVEED” product, developed by the corporate consulting company mm1 Consulting & Management in Stuttgart, was awarded the Special Patent Prize of the ITVA Gold Award at the 17th ITVA Festival in Cologne on November 20. This process was first introduced on the IFA 2008 and will be registered in the German Patent Registry. It has already been nominated for the "2009 IT Innovation Award" from theInitiative Mittelstand and received their “Qualified Product” seal of approval. Volker Scholz, Managing Director of mm1 Consulting & Management, described the product: „TVEED is a lean and adaptable process that makes it possible to synchronously combine linear TV programming with the various possible uses of the Internet.” 

According to mm1, Interactive TV offers consumers numerous additional services and gives media companies an opportunity to expand their program content and respond to customers in a more focused manner. The TV signal and the Internet are brought together in an end device equipped with TVEED technology. It is not necessary to alter the TV signal to do so. Helge di Marino, Senior Consultant and developer of TVEED, summarized the process during the award: “The HbbTV standard has now also made it possible in Germany to link interactive content with linear TV programming. The Internet is already offering numerous additional possibilities, regardless of the new standard. It is also obvious that this development is progressing at a rapid pace. TVEED offers a bridge here. It can be used as a stand-alone method, or in addition to HbbTV. I am very excited about the award TVEED has received.“