CES Highlights 2018

Every year mm1 consultants of the Consumer IoT Practice review and analyze the product presentations of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to form an overview about the development of the latest industry, technology and market trends. Below, we present an abstract of selected news and discoveries in the areas of Smart Home, AR/VR, Smart TV, Connected Car, Health and wearables.

Smart Home & Smart Speaker:

Voice Assistants are still the biggest trend in the connected home. The most popular systems, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, will be integrated in more and more speakers and home appliances.

AR/VR & Smart TV:

„Augmented Reality“ continues to replace the recent VR-trend, especially improved graphical quality and pixel density promise a better experience. TVs show improved performance in image displaying and can now also be controlled through Voice Assistants.

Electric & Connected Cars:

The development of autonomously driving cars progresses further and manufacturers now integrate interfaces in their systems to prepare the mobility solutions for the expected revolution. Furthermore, futuristic concepts with regards to enter- and infotainment became more mature and will make connectivity in cars to standard equipment.

Digital Health & Wearables:

Wearables show sophisticated features around the daily life, especially Digital Health Wearables will soon have distinct possibilities to prevent diseases through measured health data. Design, functionalities and energy efficient furthermore also affect all wearables.

Smartphones, Laptop, Tablets:

Only few innovations move the smartphone market, however some smaller new solutions such as the first smartphone with an in-built fingerprint sensor in the display were presented. Laptops and tablets however show a continuous blend of the two categories.

Robots & Drones:

Drones and robots will simplify our lifes in the future and also support us in faster transport, than we know it from today. Autonomous drones, similar to autonomous cars, will significantly improve life quality of the customers.