Empirical Deduction of Lean-IT: Lean Production and mm1 Study on IT Projects

Mit Lean-IT® hat mm1 Consulting & Management eine Methodik entwickelt, die bei IT-Projekten ein besser strukturiertes und effizientes Vorgehen ermöglichen.

Operational IT systems have become a pivotal nerve of most companies. It is, therefore, all the more surprising that this importance is not reflected in the quality of the execution of IT projects. With Lean-IT®, mm1 Consulting & Management has developed a method that allows for a more structured and efficient approach to IT projects. Lean-IT is based on empirical deductions and constitutes a “best practice” method for the management of IT projects.

Research shows that only approximately every third IT projects is able to complete its objectives on schedule and budget. Approximately every sixth project is discontinued because the necessary results cannot be achieved. The remaining project costs 40% more on average and take almost twice as long as originally planned; and all this, even though professional project management methods are used with increasing frequency. Traditional good project management does not seem to guarantee the success of a project. Rather, there must be other factors that facilitate a successful completion of a project.

Lean-IT is an empirically-based method and, ultimately, a “best practice” template to help with the management of complex IT projects. The empirical basis of Lean-IT goes back to two sources that are explained in more detail:

  1. The lean production principles used by the automotive industry
  2. The best practices findings from IT projects, analyzed in an associated mm1 study