How to make prioritization by WSJF as easy as possible

Weighted-Shortest-Job-First (WSJF) ist eine überzeugende Methode, um Aufgaben für die Lieferabfolge in agilen Projekten zu priorisieren. Das Scaled Agile Framework wendet dieses Modell in der Theorie auf die meisten Kanban-Boards bereits an, die Verwendung in der Praxis ist aber oft noch zu kompliziert. Hier gleich unsere mm1 WSJF Guidance anfordern!

WSJF is a model that was invented to prioritize items for delivery. It combines the cost of delay with the job duration. The idea behind it is to start doing the things that can deliver the most value in a short time.

Cost of delay includes three parameters that go beyond the business value prioritization we know from the Scrum Guide. Next to the User-Business Value, we find two more parameters: Time Criticality and Risk Reduction-Opportunity Enablement.

User-Business Value prioritization focusses on the value for the user. Therefore, usually features and user stories have a high value in this parameter. Enablers on the other side, usually have high values for the parameter of Risk Reduction-Opportunity Enablement, because their implementation enables the opportunity to deliver business value. Time criticality brings in the time factor, or the “delay” in cost of delay.

Applying the right values for each parameter is challenging, especially for organizations that are used to apply hard numbers and not relative values. In addition, the three parameters are often not understood well and need more explanation and discussion while the values are applied.

To solve this challenge, mm1 invented a guidance system to find the right values for each parameter, including the job duration. We tried to translate what a high or a low value for all the parameters mean in the real world. A link to our mm1 WSJF Guidance can be found below.

If you want to find out more about how to prioritize with WSJF, apply them to SAFe or how to transform your organisation into a digital and agile organisation, contact us directly!

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