IFA Highlights 2015

The International Consumer Electronics Fair in Berlin with its long tradition in the entertainment industry, is now for several years also a fixed date for the introduction of new smart home offerings. mm1 was on site and provides an overview of the most important trends and new products. Next to Smart Home the focus is on SmartTV & Virtual Reality as well as Wearables.

Key trends and insights from mm1 perspective:

Smart Home & Appliances

Many new market entrants in the area of home automation. Rising number connected devices and gateways that support various protocols to ease control of brown goods, household appliances, gardening tools, etc. from different brands.

Virtual Reality & SmartTVs

Virtual reality headsets are ready to change the entertainment industry with predicted 40 million units sold by 2018. Whereas SmartTVs lack innovation aside from latest OLED and SUHD display technologies. 

Wearables & Accessories:

Wearables for sport, fitness and health use cases are still dominating this new device category. The second generation of smart watches shows appealing design and materials.

Smartphones & Tablets

Evolution rather than revolution, i.e. technical improvements, new market entrants, and little innovation. 

Robotics & 3D Printers

Diffusion of high-end technology in mass-market products leads to affordable offerings for various lifestyles.