Impressive Increase in Sales of Financial Services

mm1 Consulting & Management hat mit großem Erfolg das Prinzip der kontinuierlichen Verbesserung auf den Vertrieb von Finanzdienstleistungen übertragen.

Over the past few years, the principle of continuous improvements in rapid improvement cycles has led to exceptional and successful increases in a variety of very different organizations: within just a few years, Porsche has become the company with the highest yields in the automotive industry, the New York Police Department has more than tripled its effectiveness, and the German hockey team has become the most successful national team for ball games in Europe. mm1 Consulting & Management has been very successful in transferring the continuous improvement principle to the sale of financial services. By using the mm1 system for continuous improvement, our clients have been able to make extraordinary strides in the sale of financial services.

Here, a current example from a project with more than 3,500 sales agents:

  • Agent productivity in the market for government-subsidized retirement planning and personal subsistence planning has doubled due to significantly improved sales skills and the agent’s behavior
  • High cost-effectiveness of the project: additional premium revenues achieved during the project are, calculated over the term of the additional contracts, 100 times higher than the incurred consulting expense
  • Sustainability by tying the mm1 system for continuous improvement into the management of the sales organization

The entire Whitepaper (German) is available for downloading. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have on the mm1 system.