Knowledge for the digital world: HdM and mm1 present a new training program, "Digital Innovation"

Stuttgart Media University (HdM) and mm1, the consulting firm for connected business, have worked closely to create a refresher course for developing valuable competencies in the digital and interconnected world. The first program modules begin in the Fall of 2017 and can also be applied to a Master’s degree programs.

The "Digital Innovation" refresher course prepares people for the opportunities and challenges of digitalization and trains specialists and managers for the digital revolution. This program is an academic continuing education offering from Stuttgart Media University in collaboration with mm1, the consulting firm for connected business and additional, future industry partners.

"Together with HdM, we have dedicated ourselves this year to the issue of which professional and personal competencies are relevant in the age of digitalization", said Volker Scholz, managing partner at mm1. "We are very happy than we can now effectively supervise the start of the continuing education program on digital innovation."

A modular design allows for tailor-made continuing education

The continuing education program has a modular structure. Participants can custom pick the modules that are relevant to their professional context.

Here is an example of some of the modules in the program:

  • Design Thinking and Business Model Generation: From the idea to the business model
    (Dr. Hartmut Rösch, Prof. Dr. Nils Högsdal)
  • Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Web Analytics: Successfully marketed digitally
    (Prof. Dr. Jan Kirenz)
  • Scaling the Business: Successfully executing the business model
    (Prof. Dr. Nils Högsdal, Prof. Dr. Jan Kirenz and additional experts)
  • Facilitating Innovation: Creating and moderating the innovation and creative processes
    (Prof. Dr. Tobias Seidl)

Additional modules such as "Technological Drivers for Digital Innovation", "Legal and Ethical Aspects of Digitalization, "Finance for Innovators", "Change and People Management" or "Positive User Experience" are undergoing preparation for 2018.

Development of the "Digital Innovation" Master’s program

Stuttgart Media University issues a university certificate for every successfully completed module. After completing a total of five modules from the future program, participants receive a diploma of advanced studies. Furthermore, participation and successful completion of the respective exams are honored with points from the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). Students can thereby benefit from the option of having their academic achievement count towards a Master’s programs in all of Europe. There are plans to expand the continuing education program into a part-time Master’s course of study titled "Digital Innovation" in 2019.

Presentation of the program on September 28, 2017

An initial insight into the continuing education program is provided by the after-work event "Discover and shape your opportunities in the digital world" on September 28, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. at the Stuttgart Media University. mm1 is on-site and available for questions and suggestions regarding the continuing education program.

You can find additional information on the event and on the continuing education program on the website of the continuing education center or by E-Mail: weiterbildung(at)