Lean-IT for Government Agencies

With Lean-IT, a method developed by mm1 Consulting & Management, government agencies can sustainably and significantly increase their efficiency.

Information technology is still a relatively young discipline, but is increasingly leading to fundamental changes in public administration. It has, for example, led to significant improvements in the operational processes and many services. Many areas of public administration could no longer function without IT applications and systems. During the next few years, the importance of IT in government agencies is going to increase even more noticeably, since more and more areas will be supported in part or completely by IT applications. As the technological capabilities have drastically increased, the technological demands of users and the complexity of IT systems have also quickly and continuously increased, and so have the problems associated with the implementation of projects, as shown by a comprehensive analysis of the Standish Group in 2003.

A possible solution for this dilemma is lean management. This method has produced exceptional results for the automotive industry. mm1 Consulting & Management has identified the successful basic principles of lean management and applied them to the IT area. The attached article from “Behörden Spiegel” shows how government agencies can achieve better results by using the developed “Lean-IT” method.