Lean-IT Study: Huge Potential for Improvements in the Execution of IT Projects

Die von mm1 gemeinsam mit der Universität Hohenheim durchgeführte Studie zeigt deutlich, dass in den meisten großen Unternehmen die Qualität der Prozesse bei der Durchführung der IT-Projekte deutlich hinter denen der Produktentwicklung liegt. Dabei scheinen die größten Schwierigkeiten in den Bereichen zu liegen, die durch Lean-Management adressiert werden.

The basis of this study is a new method for the execution of IT projects that was developed by mm1 Consulting & Management: Lean-IT®. Lean-IT transfers the lean production and lean management principles from the automotive industry to the execution of IT projects. The aim of the study was to research IT projects in terms of their critical success factors such as time, quality, and budget. 100 CIOs in German companies with more than 3,000 employees were surveyed within the context of the study and their responses analyzed.

The results are remarkable: only one fifth of the companies is able to execute more than 80% within the allotted time period and less than 50% of the company exceed the allotted project time period in more than half of the cases. In 40% of the companies, projects take up to six months longer than planned. A similar picture emerges with regard to budget compliance. Only one fourth of the companies is able to finish over 80% of their IT projects on budget, and in approximately 40% of the company, this success rate is less than 60%. Cost overruns of up to 40% are not uncommon. The results in terms of quality are a little better. Here, almost 40% of the companies are able to comply with the IT project quality requirements in over 80% of all cases.

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