Manage the Internet of Things! - But how? mm1 Quick Guide Poster offers a prompt orientation guideline

Das Internet der Dinge (IoT) eröffnet eine Vielzahl neuer Chancen für innovative Geschäftsmodelle. Doch was ist beim Entwickeln und Betreiben von loT-Geschäftsmodellen zu beachten? mm1, die Beratung für Connected Business, veröffentlicht dazu das Quick-Guide-Poster ‚Manage the Internet of Things‘.

Everything connected with everything: The Internet of Things has the potential to change large parts of the economy and our daily lives profoundly in the coming years. Companies are facing the challenge to identify opportunities for new, innovative IoT business models and to evaluate them on a realistic basis.

With the ‘Manage the Internet of Things’ poster mm1 provides a concise overview of the value chain and structure of IoT business models. The poster is designed to help companies with a structured evaluation of their questions regarding design and set-up of IoT-based business models. Thus, it can serve as a basic ‘IoT Checklist’ to reveal competence or performance requirements.

Volker Scholz, Managing Partner at mm1: "We have identified a total of seven value-added levels, which an IoT provider should consider for each IoT-based business model. Five operating levels build the bridge between networked devices and the application scenarios from a customer perspective. This is complemented by a commercial component in the form of business model management and a technical component in the form of a cross-technical framework."

"In order to operate IoT business models successfully, all levels are to be managed and integrated. None of these should be considered only on its own," states Steven Bräuer, Senior Consultant at mm1. "It is also obvious that only a few companies can serve the entire IoT value chain. When using the poster as an initial guide, you should ask yourself if you see your role rather in a more vertical integration, or in a specialization within a particular level."

Your personal copy of the poster ‘Manage the Internet of Things’ can be downloaded for free here.