mm1 Consulting & Management Presents “FastTrack Packs” for Lean-IT

Fast and effective savings for IT projects: The FastTrack Packs are the latest developments in Lean-IT presented by the corporate consulting company mm1 Consulting & Management in Stuttgart.

The FastTrack Packs are the latest developments in Lean-IT presented by the corporate management company mm1 Consulting & Management in Stuttgart. ”We have had excellent experiences with our approach, which can significantly improve the quality of IT projects in all industries,” explained Managing Director Volker Scholz. ”One of our main achievements is that our method can offer customers an immediate return on investments.” The FastTrack Packs are extremely efficient, because they address our customers’ main types of waste in IT projects in a concentrated and cost-effective manner. ”We are therefore able to increase the benefit to the customer even more significantly,” emphasized Scholz.

Developed by mm1 Consulting & Management, Lean-IT transfers the lean management approach, which was successfully applied to the automotive industry, to IT projects. The principal idea is to systematically identify and avoid all types of waste. The most important types of waste are effectively addressed, which, in practice, leads to a significant improvement of the IT projects. By avoiding waste, IT projects can be significantly improved. “Only very few companies can show good results in these areas, and in many companies, IT projects are over budget, delayed, or lack quality,” said Scholz.

Dr. Michael Kirchhof, Senior Consultant and Lean-IT expert at mm1 Consulting & Management, explained that the FastTrack Packs expand the consulting offer by a standardized module. “These achieve fast and effective savings in the IT area and guarantee financial strength in a currently difficult economic environment. The FastTrack Pack 'requirements management‘ and its standardized processes allow us, for example, to quickly provide our customers with a substantiated analysis and concrete improvement measures for this area,” he said.

Lean-IT® is a registered trademark of mm1 Consulting & Management.