mm1 Consulting & Management presents the "mm1 Innovation Workshop" at the 2nd Global Innovation Forum in London

Thanks to the positive impressions and great reaction to mm1's participation in the first Global Innovation Forum, the company was also represented second time round – this time with the "mm1 Innovation Workshop".

Inter-sector exchange on innovation management

Following the positive impressions and great reaction to mm1's participation in the first Global Innovation Forum in February 2012, mm1 was also represented the second time the event was held, on November 20 and 21 in London. The forum is an inspirational, inter-sector event that offers established innovation experts and managers an opportunity to exchange ideas and views on new approaches and best practices in the fields of innovation management and innovation culture. "After our extremely positive experiences at the first Global Innovation Forum, we were certain that we didn't just want to take part in the second one, but to be involved in designing the program ourselves," says David B. Hofmann, mm1 partner.

The two-day event was attended by representatives of some of the world's most innovative companies, including Ikea, Nike, Samsung, Philips, Coca Cola, BP, Volkswagen, ebay, Google, and IBM. The topics covered included open innovation, partnerships, sustainability in product development, promoting a culture of innovation, idea generation, the efficient use of customer insights, open innovation, and design thinking. mm1, Google and ebay used selected tools to present the 'design thinking' method to the participants in two interactive workshops.

mm1 Innovation Workshop on the "Internet of Things"

While mm1 partner Volker Scholz led one of the days of the event as chair at the first Global Innovation Forum, this time mm1 presented one of its methodical approaches and held the "mm1 Innovation Workshop", which has already been used successfully many times in practice. The aim of this interactive workshop, which lasted just under two hours, was to develop specific product ideas for how the "Internet of Things" can impact on the automotive, household and health sectors in the future. A twenty-minute stimulus presentation by mm1, explaining the topic and the current state of the art, provided inspiration for the around 35 participants of the "mm1 Innovation Workshop." Senior Consultant Stella Löffler explains: "The Internet of Things is a future trend and one that we are encountering more and more even today, both in our everyday lives and in our business innovation projects for our clients. It will be exciting to see how the topic develops and to support it as part of our projects."

The results of the workshop were innovative and already very detailed, providing a sneak preview of what the future might look like. The participants reacted very positively, and were especially pleased with the high quality of the results in such a short period of time. One workshop participant reports: "The procedure presented is ideal for generating and evaluating ideas in a structured way. At my company, we often find it especially difficult to evaluate and prioritize ideas, so good ideas often get left behind. The Innovation Workshop could help us with this." Markus Herrmann, Managing Consultant at mm1, sums up: "It was great to see the creativity, enjoyment and willingness the participants brought to the Innovation Workshop. What makes this Workshop format so special is the development, consolidation and evaluation of such a large number of ideas in such a short space of time. This allows the Innovation Workshop to make a significant contribution to fast and agile product development in a company, across all sectors and topic areas."