mm1 Consulting & Management Receives Quality Seal of Approval for TVEED

mm1 Consulting & Management wurde für sein Produkt TVEED, einen innovativen Ansatz zur einfachen Synchronisation von TV und Internet, im Rahmen des "Innovationspreis IT 2009" der Initiative Mittelstand ausgezeichnet.

The corporate consulting company, mm1 Consulting & Management, based in Stuttgart was nominated for the “2009 IT Innovation Award" by Initiative Mittelstand and received their “Qualified Product” seal of approval for the company’s TVEED product.

“We are so excited that our innovative TVEED approach has been received with so much enthusiasm,” said Managing Director Volker Scholz. TVEED is a technology developed by mm1 Consulting & Management, in which TV and Internet content can easily be combined without having to change the TV signal. This system offers media companies and the advertising industry new opportunities to effectively add browser-based and interactive content from the Internet to their TV programs without having to modify the TV signal path.

"During the airing of a Formula 1 race, TVEED makes it possible to offer additional information via the Internet or viewers can book a test drive for an advertised vehicle right on their TV screen,” explained Senior Consultant Helge di Marino. Due to the dramatically changing conditions on the TV market, di Marino explained that it is very important to set new priorities for advertising. “The boundaries between TV and Internet are becoming very blurry. The future lies in an intelligent combination of both media“, he added.