mm1 presents new white paper on Autonomous Driving at the 7th Scientific Forum for Mobility

At this year's Scientific Forum for Mobility at the University of Duisburg-Essen, Volker Scholz, Managing Partner and Connected Car expert at mm1, gave a presentation on ‘Cars in a Moral Dilemma’ and the importance of social acceptance for introducing autonomous vehicles.

On June 18, 2015 experts from academia and industry met at the Fraunhofer inHaus Center in Duisburg to exchange views on new mobility concepts, as well as their technical and organizational implementation. This year’s Forum focused on vehicle automation, drive concepts and future mobility concepts.

A controversial discussion erupted about the customer acceptance of these new technologies. Using the example of autonomous vehicles Volker Scholz, Managing Partner at mm1, illustrated in his speech the need for social acceptance of technological innovations before their broad market success. His discourse was based on the latest mm1 whitepaper "Autonomous Driving: Cars in the moral dilemma". Scholz: "Only if we make independently operating systems act socially acceptable even in critical situations will such technologies be successful in the marketplace."

In his presentation Volker Scholz addressed different approaches for dealing with moral dilemmas faced by self-driving cars and pointed out that the introduction of highly automated vehicles calls for a deliberate discussion of moral issues. With regards to autonomous driving he particularly stressed the following requirements for social acceptance:

  • Gradual introduction in defined usage scenarios, for example on specific sections of motorways or in town at low speed.
  • Increasing road safety by networking vehicles with each other as well as the traffic infrastructure.
  • Waiving of top-down implementation of ethical principles. Instead use self-learning, non-deterministic systems (neural networks).
  • Actively pointing out the benefits to society as a whole.

For a detailed description of these requirements, download the mm1 white paper "Autonomous Driving: Cars in a Moral Dilemma".