mm1 publishes Lean Startup Poster

With a special poster mm1 facilitates teaching and using the Lean Startup concept. Since 2008, the method and corresponding tool box for lean business creation and product development experiences growing attention. The visual presentation increases the understanding of the iterative procedure and the use of different templates in the individual phases. mm1 presents its Lean Startup Poster on October 18, 2014 at the 3rd Leancamp in Stuttgart.

The mm1 Lean Startup Poster provides the first holistic overview of the concept of Lean Startup and Customer Development based on the publications of Eric Ries, Ash Maurya, and Steve Blank. The illustration shows the individual phases and facilitates the use of existing templates such as Risk Board, Business Model Canvas or Lean Canvas.

Even established businesses and large corporations are under time pressure and pressure to succeed when it comes to innovation and new product development. For new ideas it is critical to separate wheat from the chaff and to optimize the right approach quickly. Here, following along the Lean Startup guidance is helpful. Volker Scholz, Managing Partner, "Our clients in the corporate environment are increasingly facing direct competition with smaller specialists or startups. This leads to the desire and the need to act fast and lean, even in large organizations. mm1 therefore visualized the Lean Startup approach holistically and consolidated a compact overview over best practices & methods."

Lean Startup is a framework for lean and successful new product development and business creation. Instead of a waterfall approach and the risky launch of a final product, Lean Startup focuses on the earliest possible market tests, validated learning, and rapid and frequent iterations of the business model through efficient, demand-driven product implementation. "Following the Lean Startup approach allows to involve the customers and their needs and desires at an early stage in the product development process," says mm1 Consultant Stefan Fischer.

The mm1 Lean Startup Posters will be presented to a wider audience at the 3rd Leancamp in Stuttgart on October 18, 2014.

Your personal copy of the Lean Startup poster can be downloaded here.