mm1 supports Open Data start-up SIRIS with Data Thinking Methodologies

Spanish start-up SIRIS has been developing technologies for aggregating and analysing open data for new decision support tools. Funded by Open Data Incubator Europe (ODINE), SIRIS aims for establishing a platform-based business in addition to its existing consulting business. mm1 supports SIRIS with Data Thinking methodologies at several stages of their platform and business model development.

Decision makers in education, research & technology transfer (HE&R) face challenging decision problems on a regular basis – such as identifying, comparing and selecting opportunities for partnerships, spending money on research more efficiently, identifying and benchmarking of competitors’ capabilities or assembling reports on projects and partnerships for ministries. Currently, decision makers need to collect and aggregate the data needed for preparing informed decisions from sources that are distributed and heterogeneous. With its data analytics platform “UNICS”, SIRIS aims for supporting decision makers in HE&R by aggregating and visualizing relevant data in one platform/dashboard.

Funded by Open Data Incubator Europe (ODINE), SIRIS develops both data analytics services and a platform to use these services. In order to align the development with customer needs and benefits very early on, mm1 supports SIRIS by applying Data Thinking methodologies. This set of methodologies comprises tools for structuring data resources, for defining joint target pictures and for analysing benefits that can stem from data analytics. Applying these helped in re-focusing the team from spending all efforts on the definition and development of the technological solution, to better understanding the target customers, their use cases and the specific benefit they shall gain from using SIRIS’ data analytics services. “SIRIS is taking the chance of applying their expertise in education and research to providing tools for decision makers in that area while also leveraging Open Data”, explicates Dr. Michael Eble, Senior Consultant and lead of mm1’s Data Thinking practice.

By end of June 2016, SIRIS successfully completed the first prototype of its data analytics platform that addresses concrete feedback received from target customers during prototyping and testing phase. It also integrates several Open Data resources. “After having established close contact to our target users and integrating their specific needs into our development, we see ourselves in an improved position at the ever-growing connection between our consulting activities in higher education and research and data integration”, Bernardo Rondelli, SIRIS’s Strategy Manager, summarizes. “We are looking forward to establishing a platform-based business and to continuing what we started with the support provided by ODINE and mm1”, adds Victor Pascal, Data Scientist responsible for the analytics platforms.

You can find more information about SIRIS’ analytics platform and Open Data Incubator Europe (ODINE) on the respective websites.

A poster provides an overview on mm1’s Data Thinking methodology and can be downloaded free of charge at here.