TVEED - From the TV to the Internet

Das von mm1 Consulting & Management entwickelte Verfahren "TVEED" bereitet den Weg zum interaktiven Fernsehen. Es ermöglicht eine Verbindung von Internet und Fernsehen ohne dabei in das TV-Signal einzugreifen.

The Internet is increasingly competing with TV. The significantly higher number of broadband connections makes the Internet even more attractive for users, since videos can now also be transmitted via the Internet, and no longer just the TV. This has significant consequences for advertisers and program planners because they are faced with completely new challenges in terms of advertising and programming design, especially when TV and Internet can be combined.

mm1 Consulting & Management has developed TVEED, a system that can combine TV content with the Internet offering. The biggest advantage of TVEED is that the TV signal does not have to be altered. Thus, Internet content can simply be received concurrently with the TV signal. This allows TV stations to enhance their programming by making additional information available during the transmission of live sporting events. For advertisers, this technology leads to new models in which TV advertising can be combined with Internet offers, so that users, for example, can immediately place an order, book a test drive, or obtain additional information about an advertised vacation destination.

mm1 Consulting & Management has put together a special group of experts to deal with the challenges of the TV of the future, which comprehensively supports interested parties with regard to all questions associated with this topic.

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