[Trendpaper] CES Highlights 2019

Every year mm1 consultants of the Consumer IoT Practice review and analyze the product presentations of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to form an overview about the development of the latest industry, technology and market trends. Below, we present an abstract of selected news and discoveries in the areas of Smart Home, AR/VR, Smart TV, Connected Car, Health and wearables.

[Poster] The Sustainable Business Model Canvas

Our partner Threebility's Sustainable Business Model Canvas encourages users to consider all aspects of sustainability in business model innovation, and can be used in combination with the Sustainability Impact Canvas.

[Game] The Sustainable Business Model Innovation Game

The Sustainable Business Model Innovation Game of our partner Threebility includes dozens of examples of innovative sustainable business models as well as case studies of these applying companies. The game enables our customers to optimize the sustainability potential of new product developments as well as existing business areas in a team.

[Poster] The Sustainability Impact Canvas

The Sustainability Impact Canvas of our partner Threebility is an ideal companion for the Sustainable Business Model Canvas, as it allows users to identify both the positive and negative influences of their product, thus preparing for a realistic Impact Assessment.

[Trendpaper] IFA Highlights 2018

As every year, various innovations, trends and products were presented at the international mobile tradefair, IFA 2018, in Berlin. Next to many improvements in the fields of Smart Home, Smart TVs, mobile devices and drones, this year‘s most prominent topic were voice assistants and their integration in many kinds of third-party devices.

[Poster] Corporate Lean Startup

Large companies behold with fascination the innovation speed and creativity of startups. In order to take advantage of the benefits of a lean, agile and innovative working method, we use the mm1 Corporate Lean Startup process model to demonstrate a path to increase innovative strength, decrease investment risks and achieve a cultural change towards an agile and customer-focused organization.

[Study] Industry 4.0 beyond technology

Shaping the digital revolution - the combination of technology, business models and people. An article by Philipp Elbel in kmuRundschau sheds light on the digital revolution in the corporate world.

[Study] Work as agile and creatively as startups with streamlined structures

Regardless of whether it’s a startup, SME or corporation: Nowadays, a company is only successful if they quickly deliver the right innovation. The consultants at mm1 Consulting & Management have discovered that early on and developed their "Corporate Lean Startup" process from their work with the Lean Startup method.

[Trendpaper] mm1 HMI 2018 Highlights

Every year mm1 consultants of the Industrial IoT Practice review and analyze the product presentations of the “Hannover Messe Industrie” to gain an overview of the development of current industry, technology and market trends. From a mm1 point of view, five key topics have been trending this year: “IoT Platforms and Platform Eco Systems”, “Mixed Reality”, “Digital Twins”, “Smart Factory”, and “Robotics”.