Internet of Things

Whether it’s a freight container, heating thermostat, production robots, supermarket shelves or blood pressure monitor, more and more objects connect to the internet of things (IoT) and are able to use integrated sensors and network connections to collect data and to communicate. New, intelligent business processes, products and services are emerging in nearly all industries – connected business, to be precise.

The possibilities offered by the internet are indisputable, but the road to competitively using IoT is a rocky one.

  • We help our customers become connected business champions in the internet of things.
  • We develop user-centric applications and assist in introducing IoT solutions that create value. 
  • We help select the right networking technologies and define the technical specifications.
  • We develop and improve IoT business models and use industrial design thinking to create the technical proof of concept for prototyping.

We have already successfully supported numerous Internet of Things projects:

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