Digital Offerings

Whether it’s for services, in the automotive industry or machine tool maintenance: There are greater requirements for offered services in the digital, interconnected world. Revenue models are changing, and digital platforms are becoming increasingly more important. Well-conceived value propositions, services that function smoothly and scalable solutions are catching on. An exceptional user experience, a reasonable degree of automation and a meaningful payment model are all equally important success factors for digital offerings.

Connected business champions make successful digital offerings, but this success does not come overnight.

  • We help our customers achieve their growth goals with new digital offerings.
  • We design user-centric applications and successfully supervise their introduction to market and scaling.
  • We analyze existing offerings and adapt them to the conditions of the digital world.
  • We develop and improve business models.
  • We consistently use contemporary methods like design thinking, lean startup, agile@scale to develop offerings.

We have already successfully supported numerous Digital Offerings projects:

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