Connected Car.

The connected car is becoming reality and allowing many new services and business models – not only for the automotive industry. We support our clients in designing the connected world of mobility.

Cars are joining the cloud. Today it is clear that soon every new vehicle will be connected – initially with Internet services, and in the long term with infrastructure or other vehicles. This provides many opportunities for the automotive industry, some of them with far-reaching consequences. But it is also generating opportunities and risks for other market players, such as mobility services providers, fleet operators, service repair shops, banks and insurance providers.

Together with our clients, we are designing the product landscape of the future, covering all aspects of the connected car. We provide support in developing ideas, designing products and implementation. The companies benefit not only from our customer-centered approaches, but also from our in-depth technological understanding of all aspects of connectivity in vehicles, hardware use and automotive certification.

The world of connected vehicles demands new partnering strategies and business models. We are actively involved in shaping these and are thereby opening up new opportunities in fields such as customer loyalty for automotive OEMs and product design for insurance providers.

Project examples

Remote diagnostics: Conception and implementation of an after-market solution for remote diagnostics for authorized brand-related repair shops

Smart Driving: Conception and set-up of an interindustry B2B2C ecosystem based on an app for smart driving.

Global Connectivity: Technical conception and implementation of a global, LTE-based connectivity solution for an automotive OEM

Industrial Policy: Analysis of business models in the context of highly automated driving and deriving effects on the value chain of the automotive industry

Strategy development: Demonstration of opportunities for ICT service providers to exploit new business areas relating to connected vehicles

Big Data Backend: Specification and product development for assisted driving.


mm1 is a full member of the innovation network "Future Car" - an initiative of the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO. As the consultancy for Connected Business, our experts from the focus area Connected Car contribute to the innovation network in particular our expertise around business models and product design. (Example: Work stream β€šNew concepts of use')

With CETECOM as a cooperation partner mm1 now also offers clients quality assurance and testing of networked components according to automotive standards, in addition to consulting services around strategy, concept development and realization in Connected Car projects.