Connected Finance.

Digitalization is rapidly becoming an integral part of our daily lives. Customers complete their financial transactions whenever and wherever they like – online, on smartphones or in person at a branch.

Digitalization is turning the financial services sector on its head. In banking, there are more than 200 online banking transactions on the Internet or via apps for every visit to the branch office. Direct banks are rapidly gaining market share among younger clients in particular thanks to efficient cost structures, highly attractive pricing models and excellent online banking solutions. Digital channels are also gaining importance in the field of insurance and put increasing pressure on prices – especially when it comes to property insurance. Established financial service providers are facing the challenge of considerably reducing the cost per customer and driving digital innovation while still fostering customer proximity and providing a good experience throughout the customers’ life cycle.

mm1 supports banks and insurance providers in dealing with the growing need for digitalization and seizing the opportunities arising from an increasingly digital world. With our expert industry knowledge and professional expertise in developing digital business models and services, we help financial service providers to understand changing customer requirements and to digitalize financial products and services, including all underlying processes. We make sure that our clients are ready for Finance 4.0.

Project examples

Process management: Restructuring of an entire system and process environment for a leading direct insurance provider with the goal of improving customer experience and increasing process quality/efficiency

Innovation and growth: Innovation and growth strategies for insurance companies based on global best practices

Competitive strategy: Development of disruptive strategies for savings and cooperative banks in an increasingly digital and competitive world (e.g. due to direct banks, FinTech)

Sale of financial services: Wide range of improvement programs for increasing long-term sales performance, based on successful principles from professional sport

Digital sales: Analysis of the digital maturity of insurance providers in online sales

Mobile payment: International program management for the introduction of a mobile payment service in several Eastern European countries for a telecommunications company

Online bank sales: Development of business processes and IT solutions for the online marketing of financial products