Future of Communications.

From analog telephones to unified communications. From separate silos to convergent ICT offers. We know all about the technology, user requirements and competitive conditions that will shape the future of communications.

It is today impossible to imagine our daily lives, both at home and at work, without the constant availability of communications services. Rapid technological progress is lowering the entry barriers and allowing a multitude of providers with different backgrounds – from start-ups to established IT players – to compete for the customers' favor.

Network-independent services are available virtually free of charge, challenging the profitable business models of telecommunication companies. At the same time, the constant stream of new and ever more extensive services means that customers are demanding more and more. Commercial customers in particular expect the use of cloud-based unified communication solutions to bring them benefits in terms of cost and productivity.

We have been working on the future of communications together with our clients for many years. For example, we provide support in the creation of cross-product strategies and the derivation of corresponding road maps. We observe technology and market developments (for example WebRTC, OTT VoIP/messaging services) systematically, analyze changes in user behavior and use this knowledge to develop new product concepts and specifications. In addition, we examine alternatives for the selection of manufacturers and platforms, manage the technical and process-related implementation and optimize existing platforms with regard to their cost-related competitiveness.

Project examples

Fixed-Mobile-Cloud-Convergence: Development and monitoring of the market introduction of a convergent product bundle of fixed, mobile and telephone systems (PBX) components for SME customers of a tier one carrier in Western Europe

SMB-Cloud: Development and launch of convergent telecommunications and cloud solutions for business customers for several subsidiaries of a European tier one carrier

Product strategy mobile communication: product conception and prototyping of the communication offer of the future for mobile phone providers

OTT benchmarking study: Comparison of telecommunication and OTT offers regarding performance indicators such as development speed, staffing and roadmap

Target Costing: Evaluating and investigating near-shoring / offshoring alternatives for messaging services for an European ISP

Unified Communication & Collaboration: Development and establishment of a UCC offer for business customers of a German telecommunications provider

Cloud Communication: Product management and online marketing strategy for a start-up with focus on business solutions

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Laurenz KirchnerManaging Partner