Machine to Machine.

Communication between objects of all types will change the corporate world and our personal life significantly within the next years. We help to take this opportunity and develop profitable, customer-centric M2M solutions for the Internet of Things.

Cargo containers, assembly robots, billboards, supermarket shelves, blood pressure monitors – more and more objects connect to the Internet of Things (IoT) and are able to collect data and to communicate via sensors and network connections. Based on M2M applications, entirely new and intelligent business processes, products and services will evolve in virtually all industries.

Companies are now facing the challenge to orchestrate all the technical possibilities, standards and market players and to integrate them and their own business into the growing Internet of Things. The alignment of a companies’ value creation with the wired world has to be embedded in a connected business strategy. Lacking such a strategy leads to a waste of opportunities for cost reduction and revenue generation and may end up in falling behind the competition.

Together with our clients we develop custom-fit connected business strategies and support the design and introduction of value creating M2M solutions. This comprises for example the development of business models, selection of partners, the definition of technical specifications, guaranteeing connectivity and operational excellence and an adapted asset management. To address these topics we use our experience and knowledge gained during M2M projects within several industries (e.g. automotive, utilities, logistics) and our specific expertise in typical M2M domains like Connected Car, Smart Home or Consumer Electronics. Combined with our know-how in customer-centric and agile product development, we support successful market introductions of M2M solutions and make companies fit for the connected world.

Project examples

  • Project rescue and turnaround of an international, cross-industry M2M Program
  • B2B Customer Experience Journey with M2M customers

  • Development of an Europe-wide M2M access platform and further development of the M2M roadmap for a large telecommunications company (incl. eSIM/ Global SIM)
  • Analysis and description of opportunities for M2M based business models in the domains Connected Car, Mobile Payment and Smart Energy
  • Optimization of M2M operational processes and reorganization of the cross-functional operational teams