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Digital distribution and utilization channels are changing the media landscape dramatically. Low barriers to market entry offer tremendous opportunities for innovative companies.

New technologies are changing the media market dramatically. While media distribution was previously defined by the distribution channels available, digitalization is opening up new business opportunities – both through the evolution of existing media products and through disruptive innovations. Digitization enables interaction between consumers and providers of platforms and content without the previous media break - IPTV services are distinguished examples in the field of digital television.

New media services are possible: From personalized TV to individualized and interactive advertising and even social television. Consumers also finally have the option of integrating their own content such as blogs. YouTube and Flicker (user-generated content) into their media experience.

The divisions product marketing and management as well as technology are facing new challenges related to the digitization: Processes and systems for production and administration must be developed and customized, the distribution of content must be planned and secured on a large scale as well as copyright and youth protection must be taken into account. In addition, interactive use not only requires new user concepts and very high data quality, but also new measuring and security systems for the service quality. We support our clients in all these issues regarding technology and products by providing the analysis, planning and implementation of sustainable solutions. Because one thing is certain: The level of networking, convergence and interactivity will increase – and open and flexible solutions will be the only way to keep pace with this very lively market environment for digital media.

Project examples

Quality management: Conception and project management for the introduction of a quality measurement system for an Internet protocol television product for a multi-national Internet service provider

Turnaround management: Project rescue for the realization of a carrier-grade live TV project including budget savings for a telecommunications provider

Product innovation: Market analysis and development of a product vision for TV products especially for extreme broadband Internet connections (FTTH/FTTx)

Data management: Re-engineering of the metadata management of an IPTV service regarding data quality/consistency and performance for a leading telecommunications company

Product development: Conception, implementation and supplier management for the smart TV apps of an IPTV provider

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