Agile Development.

Ever shorter development cycles, especially in innovative product environments, require new approaches. We advise clients on the introduction and implementation of agile procedure models in product development.

Agile procedure­ models such as Scrum and Kanban have established themselves alongside classic product ­development procedures in recent years. They allow not only development projects to be designed efficiently but also the resulting quality to be increased.

We introduce agile development­ methods successfully for our clients and show them how the agile procedure models can be maintained for the long term. In addition, we ensure that the development teams and the management orientate the products created using the agile methods towards the needs of the consumers as well as possible. To do this, we integrate methods such as customer journeys and customer observation into the agile process.

We understand the particular challenges involved in making large companies more agile and in bringing together agile and traditional­ procedures. We never put agile methods into practice without reflecting on the consequences and adapting the methods to the specific situation. We also use many of the elements of agile methods outside classic product development – such as in strategy ­development or in ideation processes.

The consultants at mm1 hold agile certifications like certified professional Scrum master and product owner. A good indicator for the expertise of mm1 in these topic areas is the popularity of the mm1 Scrum poster and mm1 Scrumban poster used in many companies.

Project examples

Connected TV: Agile establishment of a service for processing and delivering media metadata
Connected radio: Hybrid project management to redesign a offering for IP-based radio streaming
IT optimization: Agile project management for the optimization of a complex groupware landscape and selection of a new solution
Connected car: Combination of agile methods and traditional waterfall processes in the development of an automotive grade solution made from vehicle hardware and diagnostic software
Connected home: Establishment of an agile organizational structure for a telecommunications provider for the implementation and associated market launch of a smart home solution

Your contact for Agile Development

Volker ScholzManaging Partner