Data thinking.

From an internal database to new sources of revenue. We help our clients to tap data-based business potential quickly, in a targeted way, and with minimal expense.

The digital transformation brings with it high expectations for additional value creation. Tapping the anticipated business potential will mean being able to extract benefits from ever-larger and more varied quantities of data in a targeted, cost-efficient way. But in many companies, the data sources relevant to this are spread out among different departments, sites and roles. Innovative projects quickly run up against “home-made” barriers.

This is where we support companies from many different sectors with our expertise in data thinking methods, working with the relevant stakeholders at the company to tap data-based business potential. In constantly focusing on the feasibility of product or process innovations, we coordinate the technical, financial, legal and organizational framework.

You can find a clear summary of our approach and the associated tools, such as Data Map and Big Data Value Chain, on the poster “Data Thinking according to mm1”.

Project examples

Big Data Analytics: Establishment of a geomarketing insight platform for traffic and movement flows based on anonymized radio cell data

Predictive Maintenance: Use of sensor data to identify optimization potential during operation of industrial machinery

Data Source Partnering: Estimation of potential benefits of big data for strategic partnerships

Media Usage Analytics: Supplier evaluation for a big data platform in the media sector


mm1 cooperates with Datarella, the consultancy for data-based Digital Transformation, to jointly offer a complementary range of services in the areas of Data Thinking / Big Data and Connected Business / IoT.

Your contact for Data Thinking

Dr. Michael EbleManaging Consultant