Design Thinking.

When developing sophisticated technological products, companies quickly lose sight of the user due to the complex issues involved. To directly target the user experience, we think in terms of design from the first idea on.

Innovation and product development generally require considerable technological expertise. In this, the complexity of manufacturing processes as well as system and product architectures force developers to devise extensive and detailed specifications. This unfortunately means that the product vision and the focus on added value for the user are often lost along the way from the initial idea to the product itself.

Through the targeted use of problem-solving methods from drafting disciplines, such as architecture and design, we support our clients in devising products that maximize the user experience. In the mm1 Innovation Workshop, for example, we have developed a consulting format that makes product concepts specific and tangible through systematic design work. We make it possible for our clients to visualize and prototype regularly at an early stage – we let them “build to think” and allow new developments to be reviewed and assessed from the first idea on. In doing so, we analyze the product experience consistently from a user's perspective, from the initial introduction to the first use, all the way to daily use (customer journey).

In short, we use design thinking systematically in order to combine sophisticated product design and an optimum user experience with technological and commercial feasibility. 

Project examples

Innovation workshop: Preparing for the decision regarding entry into the end-consumer market for a medical technology manufacturer

Prototyping ('build to think'): Visualization of the product strategy for future communication services for a German mobile service provider

Customer experience benchmarking: Analysis of the purchase and initial installation process of a mass-market product at a consumer electronics manufacturer

Innovation workshop: Identification of viable offer scenarios for a manufacturer of solutions for the smart home

Customer Journey: Analysis of the product experience chain, derivation of success factors and optimization of the entire process for a business customer product of a German telecommunications company


Your contact for Design Thinking

Laurenz KirchnerManaging Partner