Lean Startup.

Companies are having ever shorter time frames in which to develop successful products that customers will love. We know what it takes to support these challenges at every stage.

Most innovations fail because inventors and companies focus too much on the product and forget about the customers’ needs and the feasibility of the business models. Product development in technology-intensive sectors means constant transformation and gaining a competitive edge in tough markets. Companies have to design more user-friendly services, radically reduce launch cycles for new products and cut product development costs significantly.

We advise our clients to establish Lean Startup as the framework for lean, successful new product development and support them in doing so. Instead of a waterfall model and a risky market launch once the product finally reaches market maturity, with Lean Startup, we introduce market tests at the earliest possible opportunity, validated learning based on customer feedback, and fast and frequent iteration of the business model using efficient, needs-based product implementation. Having originated in Silicon Valley, the concept enables us to optimize our use of time, money and skills when identifying and fleshing out innovative business ideas. In doing so, we integrate on other proven innovation methods such as design thinking, persona, customer journey and business model generation.

Project examples

Connected car: Design, validation and implementation of a feasible business model for an OBD retrofit solution for vehicles with continuous market tests.

Consumer electronics: Customer-centric development of a product concept and business model for a connected washing machine.

Future of communications: Product strategy and recommendations for action for continuous, user-centric product improvement of a B2B communications solution for a German ICT provider.

Connected car: Development and examination of a business idea for a personal driving assistant on smartphones, based on customer discussions and using various minimum viable products (MVPs/prototypes).

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Volker ScholzManaging Partner