Partnerships are increasingly important for companies. They allow speed, innovative strength, reach and flexibility to be implemented effectively. We help our clients to identify the right partners.

For many companies, close cooperation with partners is common practice in all organizational divisions and at all levels. As early as 2001, P&G set a clear objective of achieving 50% of its innovations through partnerships and acquisitions. The opportunities provided by "partnering" range from new distribution channels for a greater reach, to development partnerships that shorten the time to market or improve product quality, all the way to joint marketing measures or research partnerships.

However, the opportunities offered by cooperation activities are often not fully exploited. We focus our partnering services on all issues that are vital for getting the best use out of cooperations: What is to be achieved with which partner? Which existing partners are truly important and why? What potential do the existing partnerships still have to offer? How can current partnership activities be prioritized? And how can existing resources be put to the best possible use? Are there new partners with whom the company's objectives can be achieved more quickly or effectively? How can partnering instruments help to respond to changing market and product requirements?

The value added by individual partnerships or the partner portfolio as a whole are maximized with proven methods from consulting practice and the specialist knowledge of mm1 experts. This pays dividends for the company's medium and long-term growth objectives, ensures its sustainability through a stable cooperation network and unlocks new opportunities for cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

Project examples

Partner portfolio management: Restructuring of the partner network according to innovation and sales potential in the telecommunications sector

Alliance management: Optimization of the partner landscape through strategic realignment in order to increase indirect sales for a B2B software manufacturer

Organizational development: Organization and workflow set-up of a central partnering unit for a telecommunications corporation

Partnering strategies: Technology scouting in the automobile industry

Cooperation: Set-up of multiple information exchange platforms for improving cooperation with and between partners in joint product development and sales in the software sector

Joint venture alignment: Due diligence and structuring of joint venture projects in the telecommunications industry

Your contact for Partnering

Markus HerrmannManaging Consultant