CES Highlights 2017

The CES in Las Vegas has traditionally been as a trade show for entertainment electronics, but is now also a mandatory for other industries. As in the previous year, the automotive sector was once again a focus in 2017. Furthermore, the topic of voice control for smart home and health products has become more important. mm1 provides an overview of the most important trends and highlights.

The key trends and insights from mm1 perspective:

Smart Home & Appliances: With integration in more than 700 products and services, Amazon’s voice-controlled personal assistant service ‘Alexa’ dominates smart home innovations.

Virtual Reality: Headsets offer little or no innovation this year, but VR contents and platforms    are gaining momentum promising significant revenue potential from 2018.

SmartTV: Hardware becomes increasingly thinner, personalized video streaming services get integrated, and exclusive content bundles proliferate.

Electric & Connected Cars: Three key trends dominated the CES: Self-driving cars, autonomous driving experience, and new electric vehicle concepts.

Smartphones, Laptops & Tablets: Incremental innovation of smartphones featuring new functionalities such as augmented reality and eye-tracking.

Health & Wearables: Health and Lifestyle dominate the wearables market; smart patches as for temperature control or pregnancy monitoring are becoming popular.

Robots & Drones: Robots that help to run our homes, next generation drones for sports activities and security purposes show that these product are no longer regarded as ‘toys for men’.

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