Idea and concept development.

We help you to specify problems, understand ‘the user’ better, and create prototypes and target plans.

When developing ideas and concepts, we make a point to not start with the current product portfolio or new technologies. Instead, we identify and validate the problems that are worth being addressed together with our clients. Why do we work this way? Because we are convinced that companies can be particularly successful if they have a deep understanding of their customers’ problems. After all, this is the foundation for developing value propositions and solutions that are key to success. We use the method of design thinking as a customer-oriented way of working during the early stages of concept development, which was the basis for developing the mm1 Innovation Workshop.

Our consulting services at a glance

  • User observation, user insight generation
  • Systematic ideation (creativity techniques)
  • Idea evaluation/idea management and early prototyping
  • Feature prioritization and assessment (Kano etc.)
  • Preparation of go/no-go decisions
  • Marketing concept (4Ps) and release roadmap
  • Requirement and functional specifications