Organizational development.

We support you in reorienting your organization for new competitive environments or technological changes, set up new structures and increase your organization’s experience in Connected Business.

In an increasingly connected and digitalized world, we need to adopt new ways of thinking and develop new organizational structures and processes. Together with you, we analyze how you can face the challenges of digitalization in these dimensions, always focusing on concrete aspects and working in parallel to the development and introduction of new business models and products. We set up new business units with you, including as external or partially autonomous organizations or as joint venture units, if desired. We support you in the digital transformation and automation of process environments, and we introduce your employees to the opportunities of a connected and digital world through our workshops and by being closely involved with projects.

Our consulting services at a glance

  • Ramp-up and carve-out of units, incl. incubator
  • Business rebalancing, turnaround, streamlining, incl. resources, budgets, portfolios
  • Operational efficiency, incl. value stream mapping, lean principles
  • Capability/skill building (e.g. agile‚ user-centered)
  • Behavior and cultural change, incl. performance improvements (CMMI)