Design Thinking

From user needs to prototypes and success in innovation

When development teams work on technologically demanding work, they often lose sight of the user. But in the end, it is still people who have to be convinced of new (digital) products, services, processes and business models. Design Thinking combines approaches from creative disciplines - namely, visualization and prototypes (“building to think”) - with ethnographic methods to promote user empathy (“eye of the user”).  


Design Thinking is a user-centered approach to innovation. We put Design Thinking to use for you.

  • We organize user observations together with your product management team to identify actual user issues. 
  • With the mm1 innovation workshop, we conduct cross-functional sessions on idea generation, concept compression (“hero use cases”) and prototyping.
  • We create technical breakthroughs from sensors to the cloud using Industrial Design Thinking.
  • We review user acceptance as well as technical and commercial feasibility.
  • We train you and your team so you can confidently use Design Thinking in combination with other state-of-the-art digital development methods. 

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