Smart Mobility Executive Forum – Panel Discussion

During the Smart Mobility Executive Forum in Berlin on February 12th 2018 at 4.30 pm Volker Scholz will moderate the Panel Discussion regarding the issue „Moving from personal to shared service: How do we make the change?“. The Discussion will tackle one oft he major challenges facing the mobility community.

M2M Summit 2017 - Presentations from mm1 to NB-IoT and Data-driven Value Generation

mm1 will talk about two topics at the M2M Summit 2017 on the 11th of October 2017 in cologne. Lyn Matten will talk about "NB-IoT: Pros and Cons of the new LPWA Radio Technology", taking a close look at the new technology. Tiemo von Hinckeldey will talk about "Data-driven Value Generation. Is it possible?" In the context of IoT, he will discuss how the collection and use of data is linked to added value.

Smart Homes Forum - Participation David B. Hofmann at the Keynote Panel Discussion

David B. Hofmann is involved in the Keynote Panel Discussion at the Smart Homes Forum in Berlin on the 7th of September 2017. The topic of the discussion is "Where is the Real Value of the Smart Home in 2017?". The discussion round will talk about amongst other things about the home automation market and the importance of a holistic SHaaS (Smart Home as a Service). The international panel will take place at 9:10 am.

IFA - expert interviews with David B. Hofmann at the Panasonic exhibition booth

This year, Panasonic will present the topic of smart living at the IFA in Berlin in the broader context of the topics Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Energy and e-Mobility. David B. Hofmann has been invited by Panasonic as an expert to the exhibition booth to be available as an interview guest to the audience. He will be at the booth on the 5th of September from 13:40 - 13:50 and 15:40 - 15:50, and from 6:40 - 11:50 on the 6th of September 2017.