Smart connected homes forum: Consumer IoT trends - what does the future hold for the smart home?

Vortrag von David B. Hofmann am 16. Oktober 2018 um 09.40 Uhr beim Smart Connected Homes Forum in Berlin zum Thema „Consumer IoT Trends - Was bringt die Zukunft für Smart Home?“

In his speech, David B. Hofmann explains current market trends, touches upon customer needs and presents technologies (AR, VR, AI, voice assistants, blockchain) using examples of successful offerings and vendors. Lastly, he provides an outlook and recommended actions for market players.

The annual Smart Connected Homes Forum provides valuable insights into the industry. Participants can familiarize themselves with creative processes, and the sessions are structured in an interactive fashion. The forum is an industry meeting of digital specialists.

You can find details about the Smart Connected Homes Forum on the event organizer’s Website.