How to make prioritization by WSJF as easy as possible

Weighted-Shortest-Job-First (WSJF) is a compelling way to prioritize items for delivery in an agile world. The Scaled Agile Framework applies this model to most Kanban Boards in theory, but the usage in real life is often too complicated. Download our mm1 WSJF Guidance here!

How to apply Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) in SAFe

OKRs are a great way to align and measure strategy. They can help to set direction and allow for cadence-based tracking of strategic targets. SAFe 5.0 applies OKRs on Portfolio Level. We found additional places, where OKRs can be of value. Download our mm1 OKR Template!

How to manage culture transformation

Agile Frameworks like SAFe are primarily used to improve time-to-market, to cope with fast changing market requirements and to increase efficiency, however its impact on culture slips under the radar. Download Checklist!

How to prepare and facilitate a remote PI Planning

The COVID-19 pandemic forces many companies to work fully remote. Organizations that operate according to the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) must adapt their way of working from face-to-face meetings with more than hundred people to fully remote work in a very short time frame. Download Checklist!

mm1 was given the "Best Consultant 2020" award for the fifth time

According to the current industry report by brandeins and Statista, mm1 is among the best German management consultancies for the fifth time in a row. mm1 was awarded in the categories Technology & Telecommunications and Innovation & Growth. We congratulate our employees on this great success and thank our customers and market companions for the positive feedback!

Webinar: „China: the world leader in E-mobility“

In 2018, 18 times more electric vehicles were sold in China than in Germany - and more than in all other countries of the world combined. More than half of the largest electric vehicle manufacturers come from China. In this webinar, Rainer Lindenau will introduce you to first-hand information from Chinese OEMs. The insights are from a delegation trip to China in 2019 led by the Minister of Economics of Baden-Württemberg, Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut.

IFA Highlights 2017

As every year, various innovations, trends and products were presented at IFA the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances in Berlin. According to David B. Hofmann, mm1 Managing Partner and IoT Expert, voice assistants and smart home were this year’s focus topics.