mm1 at the PM Forum 2011

mm1 Consulting & Management presented at the PM Forum 2011 in Nuremberg a method to combine classical and agile approaches in project management.

iPhone: Mac 2.0 or is it different this time?

The iPhone has changed the smartphone market. But what are the reasons behind this and will the success story continue? Read more on the background and future prospects in an article published in "mobile zeitgeist SPECIAL" magazine.

The agile challenge

"Agility" is the latest buzzword among product and project managers – accordingly, product marketing and product management departments are showing great interest in the topic. However, the hoped-for and targeted goals, such as cost savings and short development cycles, are often not achieved in reality.

Are Twitter & Co. suitable for Businesses?

Microblogging platforms such as Twitter are becoming ever more popular. But microblogging also has the potential to make a substantial contribution to improving internal communication processes within companies.

Dilemma of Extensive Multi-Gate Processes

A wide range of process models are available for developing large-scale IT projects. Such models almost always have defined quality assurance and controlling measures, known as “gates”. In reality, however, gates often have a different effect from that intended.

Microblogging for Businesses

Microblogging platforms such as Twitter are becoming ever more popular. The success of these social media platforms raises the question of the relevance and potential they might have for the business sector.