Lean-IT for Government Agencies

With Lean-IT, a method developed by mm1 Consulting & Management, government agencies can sustainably and significantly increase their efficiency.

Learn from the Automotive Industry

Lean-IT in the banking industry: the lean management methods used by the automotive industry can help banks carry out IT projects in a much more successful manner.

Shining Example: New York

mm1 Consulting & Management sees the highly successful methods of the New York Police Department as a way of substantially increasing the effectiveness and success of all automotive manufacturers. How the Automotive Industry Can Substantially Increase Its Success!

Siemens throws out its mobile phones

created by Peter Gruber (Computerwoche) Comments by mm1 Founder and Managing Partner Rainer Lindenau in Computerwoche on the spin-off of the Siemens Mobile Phone Division. To clean up the loss-making business area, the new Chairman of the Board at Siemens Klaus Kleinfeld spun off the mobile phone division and later sold it to the Taiwanese provider BenQ. mm1 Managing Director Rainer Lindenau was now asked by the magazine Computewoche to comment on this step.