mm1 at the Deutschen Bahn’s hackathon

The Deutsche Bahn issued invitations to the DB Hackday in Berlin on December 15th and 16th to develop new perspectives and approaches for digital travel assistance. In the course of 24 hours, roughly 200 participants worked on software prototypes and exchanged ideas in the "DB mindbox" innovation lab. Lyn Matten from mm1 Technology was present.

The insurance of the future: AXA breaks down the silos

In a recent blog article, we reported on how UBS remains a relevant player. This time, Lorenz Hänggi (Head of ICT Innovation Engineering at AXA) and Dr. Florian Hamel (Head of IT Strategy at AXA) provide insights into the insurance of tomorrow. In an inspiring speech on November 29, 2017, they presented initiatives on the issue of intelligent insurance during a NEO Network keynote at the University of St. Gallen.

Fintech and disruption: Connected business champion UBS has done its homework

How do banks stay relevant in the digital world? How does the bank of the future look like? Dr. Veronica Lange, Head of Innovation at UBS, gave an insight into the financial institution’s activities at a NEO Network keynote in Zurich on November 22, 2017. Uwe Klötzner has summarized the most important points.

Digital Insurance Monitor: Switzerland

How digital are Swiss insurance customers? A representative study by mm1 shed light onto the online affinity of the Swiss population and the state of digitalization of the customer journey from the perspective of insurance customers.

Use case for NB-IoT: Detecting water leaks via NB-IoT

mm1 Technology ha re-created a simple use case for using NB-IoT in building automation as part of a hackathon. It shows how a water leak can be detected using NB-IoT. A pipe breakage is simulated in the use case. The flow sensors report measurement values via a NB-IoT connection to the cloud. If there is a leak, the values change, and the location can be identified. The advantages of NB-IoT are clear: Wireless connections have a large range without having to install cables, thereby making them perfect for connecting devices in buildings.

NMW@ IAA 2017 Highlights

This year again, established suppliers and start-ups gathered to present and discuss trends and innovations. According to mm1 perception this year the focus was in particular on services and solutions for autonomous driving.

IFA Highlights 2017

As every year, various innovations, trends and products were presented at IFA the world's leading trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances in Berlin. According to David B. Hofmann, mm1 Managing Partner and IoT Expert, voice assistants and smart home were this year’s focus topics.

Platform Thinking – successful partner management in a digital world

Digital platforms and platform business models are one of the key developments associated with digitalization. Using a current quick-guide poster, mm1 provides an overview of the concept of platform thinking and explains how digital platforms can organize service providers and service recipients as standalone ecosystems and relate them to each other, along with the preconditions available for successful partner management.