Digital Workforces – Mindset und Kultur

On March 21st, Carole Häusermann of mm1 Switzerland gave a keynote on "What mindset & culture does the (new) digital workforce demand?" at the F Ective event in Zurich. While doing so, she particularly shed light on why cultivating a unique corporate culture is important, what the central driving forces of the digital workforce are, and how mm1 Switzerland managed to attract this talent.

mm1 was given the "Best Consultant 2018" award for the third time

mm1 ranks among the best German consulting firms and was awarded the "Best consultant 2018" prize from business magazine brand eins in the categories of Technology & Telecommunications along with Innovation & Growth in the current industry comparison. As such, mm1 obtained the seal for the third time in a row.

mm1 is a collaboration partner at the NB-IoT Hackathon by Telekom

NB-IoT is playing an increasingly important role in connecting devices and machines. As such, Deutsche Telekom is organizing a two-day hackathon from April 9-10, 2018. It is particularly aimed at companies to give them a quick start in the new technology. The workshop for developers and product managers combines specialist lectures along with practical expert consulting in prototype development. mm1 Technology is the event’s technological partner

Mobile World Congress – Highlights 2018

Every year mm1 consultants of the Consumer IoT Practice review and analyze the product presentations of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona to gain an overview of the development of current industry, technology and market trends. This year’s main focus were new network technologies with the priority "5G" as well as product and innovation concepts in the field of IoT. In addition to an overview of selected news and impressions on these two focal points, we would also like to present you news from Smart Mobility, Smart Home & Appliances, AR/VR & Media and Mobile Devices & Smart Gadgets.

Switzerland is a leader in implementing connected mobility solutions

Swiss people are early adopters of new mobility offerings, which is something that the lecturers and participants of the Swiss Mobility Congress in the Mall of Switerzland in Ebikon (LU) all agreed on at the end of January. Oliver Inderwildi summarizes the most important points.

Work as agile and creatively as startups with Corporate Lean Startup

Large companies behold with fascination the innovation speed and creativity of startups. In order to take advantage of the benefits of a lean, agile and innovative working method, we use the mm1 Corporate Lean Startup process model to demonstrate a path to increase innovative strength, decrease investment risks and achieve a cultural change towards an agile and customer-focused organization.

Interaction, service, emotion – digitalization is forcing insurers to change the way they think

Why should insurers slowly but surely rethink their current process for approaching customers? What will be important in communication in the future? Monika Schulze, Head of Customer & Digital Experience at Zurich Insurance Group and Marie McKelvie, Head of Content & Creative at AXA Insurance, discuss this issue in an exciting webinar on January 25th. Katrin Kämpfner has summarized the most important points.

CES Highlights 2018

Every year mm1 consultants of the Consumer IoT Practice review and analyze the product presentations of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas to form an overview about the development of the latest industry, technology and market trends. Below, we present an abstract of selected news and discoveries in the areas of Smart Home, AR/VR, Smart TV, Connected Car, Health and wearables.