mm1 methods taught at Steinbeis University Berlin

Connected Business kann zu mehr Nachhaltigkeit führen - das haben die in der Praxis bewährten mm1 Methoden zu Sustainable Innovation gezeigt. Nun finden die Methoden Eingang in das Curriculum des Studiengangs Master of Arts in Responsible Management. Dr. Robert Gerlach, Berater und Leiter der Sustainable Innovation Practice bei mm1, bringt als Gastdozent der Steinbeis-Hochschule bewährtes Know-How zur nachhaltigen Innovation ein.

By introducing sustainability related requirements into core business practices, significant and measurable benefits can be generated along the complete value chain, specifically in the areas of cost, brand, product and risk, directly benefiting the bottom line. Most importantly, companies who take sustainability seriously have been shown to be noticeably more innovative than their competitors.

To enable companies to generate these benefits, the mm1 Sustainable Innvation Practice has developed a set of methods for sustainable product- and business model innovation which are now successfully used by its clients. Starting in March 2017, Robert Gerlach will teach these methods and the topic of sustainable innovation as a guest lecturer at the Steinbeis University Berlin as part of the masters programme ‘Responsible Management’. “Sustainability must no longer be seen as a mere marketing tool,” said Robert Gerlach. “Instead, its enormous potential to generate real business value and improve innovativeness must become a main driver for the application of sustainable business practices. What could be a better way to promote this concept than to teach it to the business leaders of tomorrow?”