mm1 publishes Scrumban poster

mm1 Consulting & Management has developed a special poster to make communication and use of Scrumban easier. The visual presentation increases understanding of the hybrid procedure model and serves both as a training template and a means to support the operative implementation.

Besides classic procedures for product development, agile procedure models have become established in recent years, with Scrum and Kanban leading the way. Both models allow high-quality development projects to be designed efficiently. However, when beginning a development project, it is often difficult to decide which of the models is most suitable. One solution is to combine both models in Scrumban. Volker Scholz, Managing Partner: "Many of our clients want to combine the advantages of both models. This is why mm1 has brought together the procedures and best practices from both worlds and defined the hybrid procedure model Scrumban."

The challenge in combining Scrum and Kanban is to use the respective advantages of the individual methods while avoiding their disadvantages. The use of Scrum is a challenge, for example, if the teams are not only made up of generalists but also of specialists, or if established processes are not to be questioned. "Working with Scrumban as mm1 recommends makes it possible to build upon existing roles and processes within an organization and still make use of the advantages of an agile procedure," says mm1 Senior Consultant Dr. Mirko Knoll.

mm1 uses Scrumban in numerous projects and has consistently developed the methods further in the process. Based on this, the company has developed a poster that includes the most important information for using Scrumban. The poster illustrates the Scrumban workflow and assists in the operative implementation of the methodology. Maike Lichtwark, mm1 Senior Consultant: "The poster is suitable for providing support in project work as well as for Scrumban training as part of the introduction of Scrumban."

Available for download: