mm1 strengthens valantic in the area of Connected Business

Stuttgart, September 20, 2022: We are proud to announce that we are continuing our growth and have joined the valantic family.mm1 has been living entrepreneurship for over 20 years according to the motto 'we make things happen'. We make a clear promise to our clients: 'make digital happen'. By joining forces with valantic, we will be able to deliver 'make digital happen' even better.

Our vision so far has been to be the leading cross-industry consultancy for innovation, digitization and data in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Together with valantic, we can think this vision even bigger in the future.

The two mm1 partners Rainer Lindenau and David B. Hofmann explain in the video how the partnership will expand the offering for our clients and why we deliberately chose valantic for the merger.

For our clients, the partnership means...
... they will be supported operationally with the same passion and reliability as before, but at the same time they will get access to a much broader and more differentiated range of services!

For our employees, the partnership means...
...they will be treated with the same appreciation as before, but will have even more opportunities to realize their entrepreneurial ambitions.

For our new colleagues at valantic, the partnership means...
... let's make digital happen together - we are looking forward to it!

More information can be found in the press release: | valantic Grows With mm1 in the Field of Connected Business