Mobile World Congress – Highlights 2015

The Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona,offered more than just the latest smartphones and wearables: IoT and Connected Cars as well as the next generation of mobile communications 5G were other hot topics. mm1 gives an overview of the main trends and highlights of this year's MWC.

1. Internet of Things: About to Conquer Everyday Life.

  • Growing importancs of M2M technology that connects devices and things network-agnostic to IoT platforms
  • The global cellular m2m connections are aboutl reach two billion by 2020 in best case scenarios
  • Cloud infrastructure to accommodate data seems to be the dominating approach
  • AT&T integrates its home security and automation service “Digital Life” and connected car service “Drive”

2. Connected Car: The (R)Evolution Continues!

  • Volvo’s & Ericsson’s Traffic and Vehicle Cloud: sharing traffic and road data via cloud to improve comfort and safety on the road (car2gov, car2car)
  • Connected E-Bikes – Ford announces launch of a new Smart Mobility Concept: the partner app MoDe:Link supports navigation (handlebars vibrate when to make a turn), dynamic routing and controls the amount of pedal assists by the electric motor
  • Visa and Accenture showcase an all-in-one solution for an in-car mobile commerce system

3. Cloud, Security & Identity: Addressing Rising Complexity.

  • Cloud: Ericsson shows advanced cloud management with a hyper scale upgrade while Apcera launches the first hybrid Cloud Operating System
  • Security: Intel’s McAfee VirusScan Mobile for Android is pre-installed on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge; ZTE integrates Eyeprint ID (eye-based biometric system) on its Grand S3
  • Identity: GSMA pushes Mobile Connect, a service that creates and manages universal identity that authenticates users in order to access mobile and digital services via mobile devices

4. Smart Devices: Incremental Hardware Innovations.

  • OEM: Major players of wearables, smartphones and tablets enhance hardware features and focus on fashionable designs
  • Wearables: Huawei Talkband B2 (all-in-one Tracker), Pebble Time Watch (compatible to Android and iOS), LG Watch Urban (mature and voguish design, mobile payment via NFC)
  • Smartphones and Tablets: Samsung presents the world’s first curved edge display on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge; HTC One M9 comes wiht an aluminum mono-block design; Sony offers with its Xperia Z4 a versatile Table

5. Mobile Operating Systems: Attackers Hold Their Ground.

  • Samsung pushes Tizen to lessen dependency on Android; it connects various devices including Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets across industries, i.e. cars, biotechnology, banking
  • Ubuntu enhances mobile platform: now available for smartphones, tablets, TV sets and PCs. Meizu MX4 becomes the second smartphone running it; BQ launched Aquaris E4.5 early 2015
  • Firefox OS disappoints: No enhancements announced; supports Panasonic Ultra HD 4K TV and enters 13 new markets with focus on developing countries with low-profile device needs

6. Mobile Networks: New Opportunities Ahead.

  • 5G: SK Telecom wants to become the pioneer; announced its plans to deploy 5G across the country in time for the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.
  • Huawei highlights 5G’s low latency as their showcase of self-driving cars predicts a massive improvement of responsiveness
  • MVNO: Google announced to become a mobile virtual network operator later in 2015 by offering branded wireless services; trying to raise pressure on pricing models
  • Zuckerberg wants to connect more users in developing countries; EU players are increasingly frustrated by the regulatory imbalance between Telco’s and Internet players

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