Scrum Poster for easy Implementation of Scrum published by mm1 Consulting & Management

Mit dem Scrum-Plakat bietet mm1 Consulting & Management ab sofort ein hochwertiges Arbeitsmittel zur Einführung von Scrum kostenlos zum Download an.

Agile development methods and especially Scrum have been gaining wide popularity within the last years. Agile methods like Scrum are able to significantly improve the performance of teams as well as the quality of the emerging software products. However, the implementation of Scrum poses a lot of organizational and individual challenges, especially for large companies.

mm1 Scrum Poster as hands-on support for Scrum teams

Newly formed Scrum teams are faced with the challenge to live “100% Scrum”, frequently without having received profound training and preparation. To provide a common understanding of the Scrum framework you find learning material or large Scrum posters in the rooms of most new Scrum teams. René Pietzsch, Consultant at mm1 Consulting & Management and currently Product Owner for a large project in telecommunications, explains: “There is a wide variety of Scrum posters available on the internet. After a solid research none of them has fully convinced us – most of them include too many uncertainties or too many unnecessary details that distract from the essentials”.

By designing the mm1 Scrum Poster, mm1 Consulting & Management provides a high-quality overview of Scrum as a free download ( It can be used for training, and also during the Scrum process itself. The focus of the mm1 Scrum Poster is on usability in workday life. Consultant and Professional Scrum Master Maike Lichtwark says: “The mm1 Scrum Poster focuses on the essentials of Scrum – the method and also the principal roles, artifacts and meetings are presented in a comprehensible and clear way”.</href="http:>

Scrum values are applicable in a wide range of fields

For mm1 Consulting & Management, Scrum is an excellent example for successful and structured application of fundamental values like team work, agile working style, and customer centricity. mm1 Partner Volker Scholz: “Scrum demonstrates  how you can achieve massive improvements in performance and quality by simply combining a few basic principles. We adapt these principles  also in other areas than software development. For example, within our methods for innovation management or within the mm1 Lean-IT® framework for lean behavior.”

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